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Consultation and Design

It’s time to move into your very own out-of-doors living space. We strive to create garden spaces that are not only pleasant and welcoming, but also practical and livable. Our designs work to reflect the aesthetics of our clients while maintaining a respect for our unique environment. The most important thing to remember with design is that it’s your garden, not ours.

Knowing what a plant needs to thrive can make all the difference, especially in a dry environment. Plant placement in a design is determined first by the conditions, then the aesthetic. We have access to hundreds of varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals, and can find just the right fit for your particular garden. However, a gardens is more than just the plants, there are pathways, and ornamental stones or sculptures, lights and retaining walls, pergolas, benches, fountains, ponds and pools. From top to bottom we strive to find you the best quality materials to last a lifetime.



A garden of any size and at any stage can demand a seemingly endless amount of work. Whether it’s the weeds, or the leaves, or the leaky old irrigation, or the shrub that took over the path and the window and the side door, there is always something. Simplify your life, and keep your garden looking tip-top by giving it the regular maintenance it needs. NNMG can develop a maintenance plan that is right for you, your garden, and your budget. Spring and fall Clean-ups are an easy way to keep on top of the basics. Monthly visits will have your perennials always looking lush. Weekly visits will keep your estate the talk of the town. Our maintenance service is all inclusive: irrigation checkups, pest control, tree and shrub care, fertilizing, debris removal, lawn care, snow removal, and much more!


Irrigation may just be the most crucial piece of infrastructure in any garden, anywhere. It's an investment, but an important one, and when executed correctly can actually save you money in the long run. Throughout the life of your garden, a well-designed and properly maintained irrigation system can mean the difference between life-long enjoyment and a never-ending chore. Beyond using only the highest quality irrigation materials, we take the time to get to know your property and its needs to determine the most practical and efficient design for your irrigation system.



Sometimes life gets away from you and one day you look out the window and realize you’ve got a mess out there. It happens to the best of us. Luckily, we’re here to help. Northern New Mexico Gardens to the rescue! Our team will swoop in and rogue out all the weeds, volunteer trees and shrubs, and any piles of rubbish from projects past. We’ll take those overgrown and neglected landscape plants and give them a full makeover. Take control of your landscape, don’t let it control you!



There’s no doubt we’ve all experienced that feeling of “couldn’t I see the mountains last year?” or “why does my rose bush want to devour me whole?” Pruning is a necessary and regular task around any home, but it is far from simple. There are many garden tasks we would encourage you to experiment with, from planting and weeding to creating a stepping stone path, but pruning is NOT one of them. There are many consequences of poor pruning, and improper pruning can be traumatic for plants and have long lasting effects. A bad pruning job can even mean the life of a plant. Proper pruning is an art, it's nuanced, it takes knowledge of plant physiology, lots of practice, and a discerning eye to develop proper judgement and discipline. This is a job for professionals, where expertise makes all the difference. With nearly 20 years of experience we take pride in having that expertise.



As long as humans have been building we've been building with stone, the most durable building material there is. Every great craftsman knows that to master the art means to learn a deep respect for the materials. A painter: their pigments, a potter: the clay, a mason: stone, brick, mortar, sand, and cement. A mason develops an intimate relationship with gravity, sensing how the stones want to rest on one another with the hands, the eyes spotting just the right fit. Most importantly, we haven't gotten away with over a decade of experience without smashing a few fingers.

Exterior Decoration

The holidays are arguably the most wonderful time of the year, and I'm convinced that's why there are holidays in every season. Drape festive lights through you trees and bring some warmth to your garden in the gloom of winter, or hang a string or two of decorative lights over your patio for mood lighting on a warm summer night. Maybe your favorite holiday is in the fall, and you want a stellar autumnal arrangement, or maybe something a bit more spooky, for the ghosts and ghouls that come for sweets in the night. Maybe there's no holiday at all, but who needs a reason to light up the night? 


Decorative Planters

Our decorative pots speak for themselves. A statement in design, perfectly balanced from the personally selected pottery to the carefully curated collection of favorite plants artfully arranged at the top. Planters and pots provide an opportunity to create miniature worlds contained within the larger garden. These worlds don't and shouldn't have to stop existing when the cold comes, and with our designs we strive to create moments of wonder and beauty all year round. Decorative pots can bring a splash of interest and magic to an otherwise dull corner, or make an entryway stand apart from all the rest, and sometimes our whole garden world is contained in just a few pots and that's all that we can manage in a small space. Of course, we haven't forgotten the benefits and joys of having plants indoors, all that clean air, rooms full of life, exotic and rare species to admire otherwise unavailable. Let us bring life into your home, and quality into your life. 

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