Our Philosophy

Ethical Gardening for a Sustainable Future

Or: Gardening for the soul

In the New Mexico desert our gardens face many unique challenges, but if we are to be successful in any garden, we must remember to work alongside nature, to learn about and understand our human limits, and to engage ethically. A healthy garden is not only beautiful, it is also important; a thriving landscape is a cornerstone of value and pride in any home, in any community.

Beyond being beautiful to see, your landscape should be an extension of your home, your lifestyle, and your inner life. We have the opportunity through gardening to invite healing energies, bring soothing scents and textures, to create a safe place, to reintroduce the wilderness or even engage with danger. It is my belief that every impression we receive through our senses is taken into the soul like food into the body, and our home, our sacred space, should work to replenish and restore. 

With these principles in mind, and nearly 40 years of experience together, we aim to bring beauty, knowledge, health, and well-being to our whole community through an array of high quality professional landscape services catered to your individual needs.


Let’s make your outdoor space into a place you and yours will enjoy spending quality time for many years to come.

Happy gardening!


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